We at Rush 10-8 firmly believe in full support of law enforcement & first responders. In this day and age, first responders get heat for anything and everything they do. They are constantly being looked at under a microscope. But, they are the ones who keep us safe and they put their lives on the line for each and every one of us everyday. Let’s all come together to break the barrier and stand behind our first responders in appreciation for everything that they do. We stand behind our officers/first responders because they are worth it and they are our family - blood or not.

What does Rush 10-8 stand for? Well, we figured you’d ask! Rush is our family name and 10-8 is a service code for law enforcement meaning “in service”.

We know you will love our product and can’t wait to see you reppin’ Rush 10-8 everyday. Show us what you got and tag us wherever possible! #Rush10-8